Our Studio

Onebodi Pilates has a bright and warm studio space on the High Street of Motueka, where we teach Private and Duet Sessions.  We are equipped with two Pilates Reformer/Tower combo units, a Ladder Barrel, High/Low Chair Combo, Spine Corrector and additional Pilates props. Our peaceful, sunlit studio is the perfect environment to enjoy an invigorating, yet restorative workout experience. We also offer over one dozen weekly Pilates mat classes at two alternative locations: St. Johns Hall and the Band Rooms in Motueka.

At Onebodi Pilates, you’ll find us 100% dedicated to providing our clients with a professional and personalized exercise experience. We care about our clients and support their wellbeing both in class and outside of class. We make sure that we provide a fun atmosphere with great energy, and are so honored to have such amazing clients support our studio.

Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about Pilates because it makes us feel good, mentally and physically. We believe exercise needs to be a positive movement experience, and pain is NOT required for gain. A good exercise programme like Pilates offers more than a workout – it gives people something to take away with them to enhance their life.

We’re here to help our clients find THEIR best body – one that feels strong, mobile, full of energy, and free of pain. We teach you how to move and exercise in a way that your body will love. And we do it in a way that is fun, inspiring, and will make you feel great about yourself, on the inside and out!​

We believe that practicing Pilates is not just about conquering new exercises, but about dedicating yourself to taking care of your body, and learning that you can do things that you never thought you could!

"I don't know how Michelle does it. Her enthusiasm is consistent and contagious, so even on those days you don't want to think about exercise you can't help but enjoy it."
- Anne

Our Instructors

We believe exercise is a way of life & something to be enjoyed! We’re here to give our clients gives a fantastic workout…but also a laugh!

Michelle Alexander, Owner/Instructor

Michelle began her fitness instructor education in 2009, studying Fitness Instruction & Personal Training with NetFit in Auckland. To enhance her Personal Training education she attended a Pilates Training Course and that was a turning point for her. From a gym background, she could not believe how you could work so intensely without using heavy weights whilst there was a functional reason for the exercise (beyond just getting big muscles) – and at the end of each day she felt so alive!  It was then that Michelle decided to specialise in the amazing method of Pilates.  

She studied & qualified with Classical Pilates NZ in Auckland through her Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification, including mat and equipment through to advance levels. 

Michelle became dedicated to continued education, completing various workshops.  Some lead by physiotherpaists, an osteopath, and Contemporary Pilates training, level 1 reformer.

Most recently in 2018 Michelle became fully certified through Authentic Pilates Education International.  This has given her a deeper knowledge in the method that Joseph Pilates created.

As a teacher, Michelle is affectionately known by her clients to be passionate, patient, and uplifting…yet a tough task master.

Her enthusiasm and energy can’t be contained and causes her to teach with entertaining intensity! Never one to take herself too seriously, Michelle is quick with a laugh and encourages her clients to do the same.

Michelle’s clients say she teaches with clarity and firmness. She explains exercises well and is a perfectionist, noticing everything that her clients do. Michelle knows how to simulaneously challenge her clients to work hard, while encouraging them to look after their body. Michelle is quick to adapt her teaching style depending on what she wants the client to experience from the class or exercise. And she is always observant, reading her clients and noticing how they are feeling so she can help give them what they need most

Above all, Michelle is deeply caring, has an infectious energy, and loves being able to teach Pilates to her clients and community.

Nina Scott, Pilates Instructor

Nina Scott was living in Hawke’s Bay when the Pilates bug caught her.  With a history in back surgery she found it would be the ultimate workout to keep her core strong and body limber to lead to an active life.  Nina knew Pilates was the perfect exercise for her after her first class.

Moving to Motueka in 2006 Nina’s Pilates practise went on hold until the right teacher and style of Pilates came along for her.  When Onebodi opened in 2010 Nina was one of Michelle’s first clients and has been practising with her since.

In 2013 Nina decided to extend her passion for Pilates and started training with Classical Pilates NZ in Auckland in Classical Pilates Mat Work.  

In 2015 Nina completed Level 1 Reformer with a Contemporary Pilates Teacher.  She is currently training with Authentic Pilates NZ in the full Pilates System of matwork and equipment.

Nina is a firm instructor who loves precision so students gain the maximum benefit from their workout and also believes people should have fun.
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