What is Pilates?

Pilates is a great workout, but so much more.  It teaches you how to exercise efficiently, work more deeply, and it educates you on proper posture and good movement. You will have a newfound awareness for how you use your body doing everyday tasks, and learn how correct movement can heal many aches and pains. Pilates will push you physically and mentally, yet you will feel so alive at the end of each session or class.

Every Pilates exercise improves joint mobility and range of motion, while simultaneously strengthening muscles with each repetition. Close attention is paid to alignment and helps you develop a body that is balanced and free from injuries or pain. 

Pilates is an incredibly versatile program of movement. It can be therapeutic and restorative, or vigorous and intense. It benefits both men and women (it was created by a male athlete and used by soldiers and ballerinas alike), and is practiced by all ages. Pilates can accommodate ANY body and any ability. There are endless exercise variations and modifications to ensure everyone can enjoy and be challenged by each exercise.
Pilates is known and loved for its focus on strengthening the core! Learn more about the Pilates Principles and what makes Pilates unique.

During a Pilates workout, you’ll focus on what every part of your body is doing creating body awareness, improving concentration and co-ordination. Every Pilates class or session makes you feel strong yet lengthened. You will finish each workout feeling taller, alive, and ready to GO! The combination of strengthening, stretching, and breathing will make you excited to come back again.

"Pilates not only keeps me flexible and improves my posture, but increases my strength and muscle tone - no easy task when you sit behind a desk most of the day." 
- Anne

The Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates improves muscle strength, tone, and flexibility, and also improves coordination and balance. But here are a few more things our clients say about how Pilates has helped them:
  • Become more active in their day-to-day life
  • Change their body shape in a positive way
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce back pain
  • Learn how to stand/sit correctly and improve their posture
  • Improve their balance and become more mobile
  • Start other sports and fitness activities with strength and confidence
  • Reach outside their comfort zone and do things they never thought they could
  • Live life without fear of pain
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