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If you are new to Pilates: You are invited to join our FOUNDATION mat & reformer classes.  These classes will set you up for success and are required prior to joining other classes.  Private sessions will also prepare you for our other classes if you can’t make the fundamental classes or contact Onebodi to discuss options.

If you have Pilates experience: We would love to have you join our classes.  Please read the description for each class to ensure you are booking the right class for you.  Click on the class heading in the schedule. If you would like our recommendation for the most suitable classes please contact us.


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Mat - Foundations

Your mat Pilates journey starts here. Teaching you the principals & foundations that set you up for success in our other mat classes. Your teacher will identify what you need from the exercises, modifications for injuries and more challenge where appropriate.
The foundation classes prepare you for Pilates Stretch & Intermediate classes.

Mat -Intermediate

A strong flowing class with intermediate and some advanced exercises. Michelle teaches the Classical method and Cindy teaches the Fletcher/Polestar method bringing you the best Pilates has to offer.

Mat - Advanced

Strong Classical Intermediate - advanced flowing class. Control, precision and a good understanding of the exercises is required. This class is not for those with injuries.

Mat - Modified

Focusing on balance, mobility, co-ordination and core work. Also suits those with osteoperosis, back and hip injuries, arthritis.

Mat - Pilates Stretch

Pilates with held stretches sprinkled through the class. Finish with approx 10 minutes relaxation & breath work. Many intermediate and advanced clients have added this class to their weekly practise.

Mat - Open

Open level mat class for those who have completed foundation classes through to advanced students. This class is tailored to the level of who is at class on the day. Challenges & options provided for your needs.

Reformer - Foundations

This is where you start your Pilates Reformer journey. We will guide you through a slow class as you learn the principals & connections of Pilates and how to move safely on the reformer. Foundations set you up for success in our other classes. This class is also a good option if you would like to re-fresh and deepen the foundational work.

Reformer - One

Next step after attending foundation classes, please check with your instructor if you are ready to move to this class. If you have Pilates MAT experience of atleast 3 months and feel you have the foundational work in your body, your connections & pelivs stability you can start your reformer journey here. This class will have more flow & a steady pace offering a full body workout.

Reformer - Two

Strong full body workout. Perfect for those who have been attending reformer classes for a few months plus looking for more challenge. You know the foundations and connections now come naturally to you. You are confident in Level 1 Reformer and ready to take your practise to the next intermediate level.

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