Group Class Rates

(All concession purchases are valid from first class)

Single session
Valid for 12 weeks
$ 23 per class
5 Classes
Valid for 12 weeks
$ 105 ($21 per class)
10 Classes
Valid for 12 weeks
$ 185 ($18.50 per class)
20 Classes
Valid for 14 weeks
$ 330 ($16.50 per class)
Pilates Enthusiast - 10 Classes VALID ONE MONTH
$ 145 ($14.50 per class)

Personal Training

Private (55 min)
$ 80 per class
  • *55 min lesson
  • *Customised for you
5 Private Lessons (pre-paid)
$ 75 per class / $375 Total
  • *55 min lesson
  • *Customised for you
Duet Lesson (55 min)
$ 50 per person per class
/ $100 Total
  • *55 min lesson
  • *Bring a friend - share the cost & fun!
5 Private Duet Lessons (pre-paid)
$ 45 per person per class
/ $450 Total
  • *55 minute session
  • *Bring a friend - share the cost & fun!

Studio Rules & Polices

Studio Etiquette:

To help all of our clients have the best possible Pilates experience, and to enable our studio and teachers to work to the best of their abilities, we have a few friendly guidelines that we ask our clients to be mindful of.

  • Arrive on time and be ready to start when the class or session begins!
  • Cancel your session if you are unwell, have a cough etc.
  • Clean feet/socks
  • Don’t worry about ‘advancing’ or feeling the burn. Trust us to challenge you in the right way.
  • Pay promptly and cancel or reschedule with requested notice.
  • Be mindful & respectful of others in the studio
  • Let us know If you have any changes in your life that may effect your  Pilates practise and we will work with you to support your practise.

We know how important your Pilates practise is and want you to benefit from all your booked sessions.


Please note the validity & expiry date of your purchase.  

Classes are non refundable and cannot be transferred unless agreed to due to in certain circumstances, e.g. injury with advise from physician

No shows and cancelling within TWO hours of class are deducted from your concession.

Canceling and rebooking classes can be done in your account via our app or website.

Studio Cancellation Policy:

We keep this booked time for you. Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your booked session. Incase of emergencies or sickness please provide notice ASAP or the session is charged in full. Thank you for your consideration.

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