Pilates Class Schedule

Onebodi Pilates has over one dozen classes running each week for all abilities and all bodies! Our mat classes are educational, yet provide clients with a great workout experience. We have weekly themes and topics of focus so you’ll never be bored.  Class size is limited to 12. Each student receives personal attention and assistance from the instructor. 

Class Timetable Term :  25th January – 16th April 2021

""Michelle is a fantastic teacher and gives personalised instruction in her classes. There is always fresh material, good companionship and lots of fun.""
- Christina
"​I can say that I have better balance and more flexibility due to Pilates. It's hard work but worth it."
- Suzanne

Intro: Your Pilates journey starts here with an introductory course teaching you the foundations, giving you a strong base and understanding of the exercises. Classes will progress weekly, challenging you more and building on what was learned in previous weeks.
Bridging: For students who have completed an introductory term. Intermediate exercises are introduced and challenges increased to your level.
Intermediate: Classical Class with Intermediate Exercises & flowing workout.
Inter – Adv: Strong Classical flowing class with intermediate and some advanced exercises.  Good understanding of intermediate exercises is required.
Advanced: Presicion, control and understanding the exercises is required. Full Classical mat.  A private session is probably required to join this class.
Pilates Stretch: Classical Pilates 30 minutes followed by relaxing held stretches for 15-20 minutes – yang meets yin.  Minimum of intro course required. Many intermediate and advanced clients have added this class to their weekly practise.
Modified: Focusing on balance, mobility, co-ordination and core work. Also suits those with osteoperosis, back and hip injuries, arthritis.

Cost: $140 for 10-week term (or adjusted for longer/shorter length term)
Discount: 2 Term Classes = 10%.  3 Term Classes = 20%.

Signing Up For Classes

If you are new to Pilates: You are invited to join our introductory courses.  If we are in the middle of a class term but have space available, new clients are welcome to join our classes after taking Private Sessions. This will give you the opportunity to learn the technique and movements that have already been taught in class to-date.

If you have Pilates experience: We’ll talk to you about your Pilates background and help you find the classes that are best fit for you. If we are in the middle of a class term but have space available, you are welcome to join us. An introductory Private Session may be recommended.

Or contact us with any questions.

Our Client Guidelines

To help all of our clients have the best possible Pilates experience, and to enable our studio and teachers to work to the best of their abilities, we have a few friendly guidelines that we ask our clients to be mindful of.

  • Be open-minded and ready to learn every time you come to your session or class!
  • Be positive, supportive, and contribute good energy to the studio and class environment.
  • Arrive on time and be ready to start when the class or session begins!
  • Leave any stress, concerns, or distractions at the door.
  • Be patient and attentive to what you can learn and how you can improve in each movement.
  • Don’t worry about ‘advancing’ or feeling the burn. Trust us to challenge you in the right way.
  • Pay promptly and cancel or reschedule with requested notice.
  • Be mindful of how you treat and move your body when you are away from the studio.
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Class Sign-Up Request

Please let us know what class(es) you would like to sign-up for. We will contact you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to confirm availability and help you get started!